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Generate text with our AI and create AI tools, called Playbooks, for natural language tasks. Creating a Playbook is easy, fun and free.

Correct my grammar mistakes
How do I summarize this passage
Write JavaScript function from my instructions
I'll give you a title and I need a paragraph for that
Find all the names in the given text
Translate my English text to Russian


Playbooks are AI tools for natural language tasks, create one in 3 steps and 2 minutes.


Text Generation


Write what you want this Playbook to do in simple English.




Our AI engine is a quick learner, 'show' it a couple of examples of what you mean. You can add more examples later, if needed.




That's it! The Playbook should be ready. Use it yourself, share with others or access via API.


Our AI engine learns instantly and does not require any wait-time. Just create a Playbook and start using.


Found it useful? Share it with your friends and colleagues. You can also make it public to let anyone use it.


It does not require any AI or coding knowledge and it's just so much fun to create a Playbook.

Powerful AI. Powerful API.

Interact with Grand using REST API and WebSockets

Generate Text

Use our latest AI model for text generation. Our AI is just an API call away.

Use a Playbook

Like a Playbook? Use it in your app. Any stored Playbook can be used through API as well.

curl -XPOST \
  -H 'x-auth-key: <YOUR KEY>' \
  -H 'x-auth-secret: <YOUR SECRET>' \
  -H 'content-type: application/json' \
  -d '{
    "text": "Grand is simple, easy and",
    "model_id": "Ukg1ClHdlG03aG7cAu8J",
    "creativity": 50,
    "stop": ".",
    "max": 20
  }' ''
Realtime text with WebSockets

Use our APIs through WebSocket protocol for realtime text generation.

Grand is simple, easy and

Docs and Guides

Read how to implement Grand in your application. We have code samples, guides and donuts (kidding).

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